Sunday, 23 March 2014

Imperial fists 3rd company.

The beginning of the Imperial Fists Third Company. I decided for this project I would paint my marines unassembled. I have always been frustrated at not being able to get behind the bolter when it's being held with two hands. Also I will paint the bases separately this time. I really feel like this will alleviate the annoyance I feel when I start getting down to the details. The basing will be kept simple with a three colour dry brush on small gravel. The model itself I will paint exactly as shown by GW in "How to Paint:Space Marines."  I had worked out a a scheme separately before referring to the book but I thought their version was solid and in the future I'll know exactly how to replicate the scheme should I take a break. It's been two years since I painted my Imperial Guard and I have no clue how I did it.  Not to mention it was a mishmash of old GW  and Vellejo paints. 

The list is another matter entirely. I have no idea.  I'm starting with the tac squad because I know they'll be on the table no matter what. Lysander is really calling to me but so is a kit bashed Garadon. Having a tac squad as an HQ choice is pretty unique. I just can't see the value in it. Having an embedded Captain with no inv save doesn't inspire me. His look out sir is just as good for shooting, but in combat he'll be challenged out against anything better than a regular sergeant. Plus his relic weapon is pretty useless. A master crafted bolt pistol that ignores cover. Cool but useless. 

It's not a huge start to speak of, but I've set aside time to work on the project and So far I'm enjoying the process. I hope that finishing the models in parts will keep me motivated as each appendage that I finish is one step closer to a cool looking mini. Sometimes when I'm painting a fully assembled model I look back when I'm finished and notice parts that I overlooked or missed, broken down as this one is I can keep better track of each piece and create a better finished product. 

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